Following the launch of CAN Renewables in 2020 by the CAN and RSK groups, our market-leading, specialist technical team offers end-to-end engineering solutions for the wind energy sector. Our extensive industry experience means that we understand the ongoing complexities, sensitivities and extreme weather conditions that wind farms are subject to in their remote locations.

At CAN Renewables, we appreciate that reliable energy production is vital for the ongoing effectiveness of wind farms and the negative cost and efficiency implications that can arise if regular maintenance is not undertaken within the warranty period and lifetime of the asset. Specialist inspection, maintenance and repair of wind turbine systems are, therefore, vital to ensure asset reliability and longevity for ongoing operational efficiency and energy production.

As global demand for wind energy continues to increase, CAN Renewables works collaboratively with clients to reduce complexity and support the ongoing use of assets within the sector. A planned and proactive approach to ongoing asset maintenance is essential to ensure maximum efficiency within and beyond manufacturers’ warranty periods.

→ Sustainable

CAN Renewables is passionate about the environment and sustainability. Like you, we know that wind power is vital to achieving a net-zero, carbon-free future. Asset inspection, preventive maintenance and ongoing servicing are critical to maximising energy output and ensuring a continuing return on investment from ageing wind farms, regardless of location or the wind turbine make or model.

Whether we are servicing wind turbines on- or offshore, our efficient and accurate services will use a combination of visual analysis, testing and unmanned aerial technology to identify potential or existing problems. Then, our team can follow up with repairs if necessary to minimise potential downtime and thus reduce the financial and operational risks.

→ Knowledgeable

As a maintenance and repair contractor, CAN Renewables has a team of expert engineers who proudly draw on over 20 years’ experience in supporting clients with on- and offshore wind energy generation to deliver expert, practical and ongoing solutions to protect and extend the life of an asset.

In offering a collaborative, technical approach to clients within the wind energy sector, we combine our first-hand wind turbine experience with an understanding of the challenges facing the sector: cost efficiency, turbine downtime and energy optimisation. Our in-house team provides the technical credentials that underpin our wind turbine inspection, maintenance and repair methods to reduce risk and deliver ongoing endurance and conservation of assets in almost all environments and geographies.

→ Responsible

CAN Renewables prides itself on its ability to find innovative ways of meeting clients’ complex requirements safely and efficiently, and providing market-leading solutions to the wind energy sector, whether on- or offshore.

In challenging environments, safety and well-being are paramount. CAN Renewables is deeply committed to the safety of its staff, clients, stakeholders and the community. All our operations are certified and adhere to the requirements of the safety, health, environment and quality management systems that govern our core processes. We are exceptionally proud of our proven track record in providing world-class engineering support solutions to our clients.

What we can do for you


Our proven expertise within the wind energy sector comes from our highly qualified team. Through their significant industry experience and credentials in providing service excellence, we can adapt to client-specific needs for the inspection, maintenance and repair of wind turbines, whatever the geography.

Wind turbine maintenance and repair

Alongside regular inspection, it is essential to undertake an ongoing, proactive programme of maintenance to reduce wear on major components and to support ongoing asset life extension and, thus, keep potential faults or repairs to a minimum. These mechanical maintenance services, which are bespoke to clients’ requirements, include

→ Tower cleaning
→ Busbar exchanges 
→ Fault finding assistance 
→ Component, oil and filter analyses and changes
→ Tower coating repairs
→ Nacelle repairs 
→ Cleaning up after oil spills, both internal and external
→ Bolt torque and tension assessments
→ Control systems assessments, repairs and replacements
→ Repair and replacement of wind instrument systems.

The maintenance plans our team proposes will be bespoke. Experts from CAN Renewables will be deployed to assist with both proactive and reactive maintenance projects, annual servicing and repairs for any faults identified. They work collaboratively to minimise production downtime and prolong the lifespan of an asset.

Statutory inspections

By proactively undertaking statutory inspections with CAN Renewables, clients will take an extremely valuable step towards extending the lifespan of wind turbines and the operational efficiency of energy output from wind farms.

Regular inspections by specialist technicians are vital for safe, accurate and sustainable wind farm operations, the priority being maintaining optimal asset performance. At CAN Renewables, our wind turbine inspection services offer the complete package, from detailed inspection and analysis through to reporting and recommendations, which means that our team of expert engineers can repair, restore, maintain and optimise your wind farm assets for the future by providing improved asset efficiency and life extension.

By planning your periodic statutory inspections with the CAN Renewables team in advance, we will be able to ensure there is ample opportunity to undertake detailed health assessments before your asset’s end of warranty period to aid in understanding any technical issues that are affecting asset lifespan or operational efficiency. Best practice would be to undertake these periodic inspections at the start, during and towards the end of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Depending on client requirements, CAN Renewables statutory inspections include

→ Full visual inspection, including photographic, video and thermographic data
→ Unmanned aerial vehicle and rope access assessments
→ Bolt testing for towers, blades and foundations
→ Lubrication oil, hydraulic oil and grease sampling for analysis
→ Borescope inspections
→ Tower inspections
→ Hoisting and lift equipment visual inspections  
→ Safety equipment testing.

Alongside our statutory inspection services, the CAN Renewables specialist team can also use the following forms of inspection to suit to client-specific project needs:

→ Non-destructive testing inspection
→ Snagging and commissioning inspection
→ Coating inspection.

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CAN Renewables is part of the RSK group of companies

The RSK group is a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business offering bespoke end-to-end solutions to a variety of sectors. Headquartered in the UK but with an established presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, RSK helps organisations around the world achieve their business aspirations in a sustainable and efficient manner.