In 2020, RSK and its technical services business CAN launched CAN Renewables. Our market-leading, specialist team offer full 360-degree solutions for the wind and solar energy sectors. Demand for both these energy sources is increasing, and we at CAN Renewables are passionate about ensuring the long-term sustainability of assets that support the increased use of renewable energy.

We understand the shifting trend in the renewable energy sector towards the need to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) combined with market-leading expertise. We provide high-tech unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection and condition assessment services, detailed analysis, reporting and recommendations, and expert engineers who can repair, restore, maintain and optimise your equipment. This can improve the efficiency and increase the life of your renewable energy assets.

Our specialist, qualified solar engineers and blade experts understand the complexities and sensitivities of solar panels and wind-turbine blades and the extreme weather conditions that they are subject to. We also understand the cost and efficiency implications associated with any problems that arise.

Our team use the very latest UAV inspection technology for the surveying and assessment of on- and offshore assets to reduce any potential downtime or costs resulting from existing or potential issues.

Our expertise comes from our highly qualified team, who have significant industry experience. Using the latest technology, we can adapt to client-specific needs and work collaboratively to identify, diagnose, recommend solutions and repair assets to ensure the lifetimes of your assets are prolonged and their efficiencies maintained.

→ Sustainable

CAN Renewables is passionate about the environment and sustainability. Like you, we know that both solar and wind power are vital to achieving a net-zero and carbon-free future. Efficient asset management, including construction, inspection and preventive maintenance, is critical to maximising energy output and ensuring a return on investment for any solar array or wind-turbine system, regardless of its location or manufacturer. CAN Renewables draws on more than 20 years of experience in supporting clients’ energy generation, whether on- or offshore.

Our team proudly utilise their industry experience alongside the latest technology and efficient work methods to deliver expert, practical support and solutions to the renewable energy sector.

→ Knowledgeable

As part of the RSK group, CAN Renewables combines its services with those of its sister company, CAN, a long-established, specialist structural, civil and geotechnical engineering contractor. As an experienced operations and maintenance contractor, we offer a collaborative technical approach to inspection, assessment, installation, operation and maintenance. We understand the challenges facing the wind and solar energy sectors and bring together a wealth of experience working in almost every environment and geography.

Combining our industry experience with an understanding of the challenges facing the energy sector in terms of cost efficiency, downtime and energy optimisation, our in-house specialist team provide the technical credentials that ensure CAN Renewables’ UAV condition assessment services and repair, maintenance and protection methods deliver ongoing endurance and conservation.

→ Responsible

At CAN Renewables, we are deeply committed to the safety of our staff, clients, stakeholders and the wider community. All our operations, whether field- or office-based, are safety certified and adhere to the requirements of the company’s safety, health, environment and quality management systems, which govern our core processes.

As we operate in challenging environments, team safety and well-being are crucial. With almost 30 years of infrastructure project experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative ways of delivering complex projects safely and efficiently. Our most recent UAV inspection service, utilising AI data combined with teams of pilots with specialist knowledge, is a good example of how we look for continuous improvements for providing the best and market-leading solutions to our clients in the sector.

Whether the assets under inspection are on- or offshore, wind turbines or solar farms, our advanced UAV technology enables full and prompt condition-based assessment by our team of expert engineers and technicians without the need to expose them to any unnecessary conditions, heights or hazards. The drone technology we use at CAN Renewables enables us to get close access to previously inaccessible areas without putting personnel at risk.

What we can do for you


UAV inspection service

Using the latest, high-specification commercial drone technology platform, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK, CAN Renewables’ highly qualified teams of blade technicians or solar electrical engineers pilot the drone for the inspection and undertake remote, condition-based-assessment, dynamic surveys to record and report any internal or external damage. Working with our specialist access team, we can also follow up by physically assessing, repairing and maintaining the asset.

Unrivalled high-performance technology

We undertake UAV surveys using the unrivalled DJI Matrice 300 RTK industrial drone platform; the world’s first drone to offer 55 minutes of flight time along with advanced AI reporting capabilities and six-way directional sensing and positioning abilities.

The fitted state-of-the-art DJI Zenmuse H20T Quad Sensor Solution camera captures everything during the flight survey. Its powerful zoom lens and integrated laser range finder enable the capture of unprecedented high-resolution, full-colour images, high-definition video and radiometric thermal/infrared data for condition assessment of both the internal and external asset structure from either close up or as far as 1200 m away. This enables us fully to assess and report the condition of an asset in fewer flights.

The drone can be equipped with a digital or thermographic camera or a combination, depending on the scope of the inspection required. A digital camera provides visual proof of failures. Thermographic (infrared) inspection is a non-contact and non-destructive inspection method that enables our team to examine large areas for structural defects or weaknesses. We know the elements can often be a challenge, therefore our drone is IP45 rated to protect against water and object ingress.

Reducing costs and downtime, and increasing asset efficiency

Regular inspections of existing assets are vital for safe and sustainable operations with the priority of maintaining optimal asset performance.

CAN Renewables’ UAV inspection service is, compared with traditional telephotography or manual inspections at height, an economic, non-invasive and efficient condition-based-assessment solution. By following a detailed flight planning process for our drone aerial assessment inspection methods, we can quickly and precisely identify potential threats by obtaining both visual and thermal on-site images for analysis and assessment of the asset. These critical inspections can be conducted while operations continue, thus minimising the impact on maintenance costs.

Whether we are surveying solar panels on the ground or at height, or inspecting wind turbines on- or offshore, our efficient and accurate assessments using our UAV technology will identify potential or existing problems that we can follow up with physical access and more detailed inspection and repair, if needed, to get your asset back up and operating with minimal downtime.

Data accuracy and detailed inspection reporting

Our drones are fitted with the most up-to-date inspection payloads; this enables the team to capture all the precision data required in one flight, thus producing high-quality, reliable and repeatable reports and reducing inspection times.

Although the UAV inspection itself is quick, the added value we provide lies in the detailed and accurate analysis and interpretation of the data collected by our qualified and certified team of technicians and engineers, who ensure that nothing critical is overlooked. If required, the inspection report can also include recommendations for leading service and protection solutions and advice on the correct course of action and preventive maintenance deliverables.

Following each inspection, the CAN Renewables team produces and provides a thorough and accurate inspection report, based on the data analysis, using the industry standard of damage categories 1 to 5. Defects are also colour coded in reports for ease of identification. Each report includes the dynamic survey, any images or videos and access to the data portal.

A safer workplace solution

Whether the assets under inspection are on- or offshore, wind turbines or solar farms, the advanced UAV technology enables full and prompt condition-based assessment by our team of expert engineers and technicians without the need to expose them to any unnecessary conditions, heights or hazards. The drone technology we use at CAN Renewables enables us to get close access to previously inaccessible areas without putting personnel at risk.

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CAN Renewables is part of the RSK group of companies

The RSK group is a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business offering bespoke end-to-end solutions to a variety of sectors. Headquartered in the UK but with an established presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, RSK helps organisations around the world achieve their business aspirations in a sustainable and efficient manner.